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And now, a short introduction... the Potgerdesign team is comprised of four people with varied backgrounds and specialties that complement each other. Scroll down for more details and make our acquaintance.

Rebecca Potger
Design manager, founder
(Supreme Commander)

Rebecca Potger graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2005. Motivated by her passion for product design, she founded Potgerdesign, together with her partner Mart Leenaars, in January 2006. Besides being active in client acquisition, she generates and visualises clear and innovative product concepts and further develops then into viable and producable products with a unique character.

Mart Leenaars
Overseer of daily operations
(Does everything designers don’t want to do,
but is necessary to keep the business running.)

Mart Leenaars was trained to be a teacher at the HR&O. As Rebecca's partner, he has been closely involved with Potgerdesign since its creation, and subsequently every new project that the studio has handled. With his communicatin skills he ensures that Potgerdesign performs efficiently, and gets straight to the point. In his “free time” he works as a Biology teacher.

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Sibren Tanis
Graphic design
(Compulsive doodler)

After a short stint at an education in architecture at the HR&O in Rotterdam, he graduated as a Graphic designer from the Grafisch Lyceum in 2005. Sibren regularly assists the team with his technical insight, knowledge of 2D and 3D programs and other activities related to graphic design.

Catharina ten Haaf
Incidental Designer
(For emergency use only)

After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2006, Cat supports Potgerdesign in various areas, such as: graphic design, webdesign and other promotional activities. Cat is a freelancer and supports the team with her structured ideas and analytical skills.

Destroyer of all things
(When sleeping, Head of Security)

Mecky has been boosting Potgerdersign's morale since she came onboard in January 2007. After completing her puppy training course with flying colours, she has been using her excellent non-verbal communication and teambonding skills to ensure that a relaxed and friendly atmoshpere is present in the studio at all times.