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What We Do
Potgerdesign is a young and innovative design studio that specialises in the design and development of product concepts, with a fresh view on product development.`Potgerdesign is unique in the way it works with clients when developing new products. We lay the foundation for developing product concepts, flesh these out into concrete product ideas, and translate these into a good design. The need to organise the final phase of product development is a growing trend within the business community. Consequently, we give our clients the freedom to work this out internally or find another solution. During this end phase Potgerdesign does stay involved to ensure that the appearance and projection of the product stays faithful to the original concept.

Through our unique product development process,
Potgerdesign works in conjunction with clients to transform clear ideas
into innovative and succesful products with character.

Our services:

Concept developement
Product design (revolution)
Product re-design (evolution)

For questions and inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us through info@potgerdesign.com

Potgerdesign is a member of BNO and conducts business in accordance with BNO’s General Terms and Conditions.

what we do